Vor & Pal: Knights of Chaos 5E

Vor & Pal: Knights of Chaos 5E

Delve into the twin knights Vor & Pal’s corruption, and unveil the mastermind behind it in this thrilling adventure for levels 5-7.


The city of Goen, once a beacon of prosperity, now trembles under the grip of an insidious force. Joyous laughter and the bustle of commerce have given way to fear and hushed whispers. Designed for a party of four to six adventurers of levels 5-7, this adventure module tasks the players with liberating Goen. The city’s king, Eridon, implores the adventurers to extinguish the threat of his former knights, Vor and Pal. The king is unaware that a more profound, more chilling truth lies behind the fallen knights—a reality that will soon be revealed to the party, taking them from the despair-ridden streets of Goen to the heart of darkness itself.

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