Plague of Kettlebrook 5E

Plague of Kettlebrook 5E

A 5th Edition One-Shot Adventure set in a Grim & Perilous World for 4-6 characters, levels 3-5.


In the once-thriving Kettlebrook, a shadow of desolation now looms. The windmill, once the village’s pride, stands silent following the miller’s enigmatic vanishing. This marked the onset of a series of calamities: a sinister plague ravaging the populace and monstrous beings emerging in the neighboring forest. Desperate for salvation, the villagers call upon characters to liberate them from their plight. 

This one-shot adventure, brimming with suspense, mystery, and exhilarating combat, seamlessly weaves into any 5th edition campaign or stands alone as a captivating experience.

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