Terror in Ravenswood 5E (Part 2)

Terror in Ravenswood 5E (Part 2)

Embark on an epic quest to uncover the secrets of the Curse of the Crimson Moon for players of levels 3-8.


The adventure begins with the players discovering the Ring of the Crimson Moon after defeating Grommok the Mighty. Upon their return to Ravenswood, Othar, the village older, caution the players about the ring’s cursed nature and advises them to seek Morrigan’s aid. On their way to meet the druidess, the players are ambushed by bandits. Morrigan provides them with the legend of the ring and the scroll’s location once they reach her.

The next objective is to locate the crystal, which is said to be in a specific spot on a map obtained from Grommok’s lair. Once the players find the crystal, they must return to Morrigan to seal the ring within it and toss it through the portal atop Mount Ignaxia. However, the spirit of Thalinar will manifest in physical form, resulting in a final battle.

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